360° operational platform for transport service operators

iGnite is a comprehensive and innovative software solution for managing private hire and contract work, designed specifically for coach, minibus, and community transport operators. It offers an end-to-end solution that simplifies and streamlines the booking, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing processes, allowing operators to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

At its core, iGnite is designed to provide operators with complete control over their operations. It offers a range of features and tools that enable operators to manage their fleet, drivers, and bookings, all from a single, intuitive interface. This allows operators to easily monitor and track their vehicles, drivers, and trips, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and on time.

One of the key benefits of iGnite is its ability to automate many of the manual tasks associated with managing private hire and contract work. For example, the software can automatically generate invoices, process payments, and even send out reminders to clients. This can save operators significant time and effort, allowing them to focus on growing their business and providing top-notch service to their clients.

Another key feature of iGnite is its real-time reporting capabilities. The software provides operators with detailed insights into their operations, including driver performance, vehicle utilization, and customer feedback. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

Overall, iGnite is an innovative and powerful solution for private hire and contract work management. It provides operators with everything they need to run their operations more efficiently and effectively, from booking and dispatch to invoicing and reporting. If you are a coach, minibus, or community transport operator looking for a powerful and comprehensive management solution, iGnite is the answer.

Driver/PA management

Driver/PA management
  • Manage driver and personal assistant information
    Managing driver and personal assistant information is vital for transportation and caregiving services. This entails keeping accurate and up-to-date records of each driver and personal assistant, including their contact information, employment status, training, and certifications. Effective management ensures well-informed decision-making for job assignments, scheduling, and compliance with regulations. Utilising software like iGnite streamlines the process, centralising data and simplifying document management. iGnite offers features for scheduling, document upload, and reporting, empowering service providers with comprehensive tools for workforce management and enhanced service quality.
  • Upload driver and personal assistant documents
    In this software, users can conveniently upload and manage essential documents for drivers and personal assistants. This feature enables users to securely store documents such as licenses, certifications, identification, and other relevant paperwork for both drivers and personal assistants. By centralising these documents within the system, users can ensure easy access, efficient record-keeping, and compliance with necessary regulations and requirements.
  • Handle invoicing
    The software incorporates a comprehensive invoicing feature designed to efficiently manage billing for various types of jobs, including private hire, school contracts, and respite jobs. Users can effortlessly generate invoices with precise details, such as job dates, times, distances traveled, and any additional charges incurred. The system allows for customization, enabling users to include specific billing terms, payment methods, and recipient information. This feature empowers service providers to streamline their invoicing process, ensuring prompt and accurate billing for different job types, leading to improved financial management and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Generate employment contracts
    The software offers the capability to generate employment contracts, allowing staff members to provide digital signatures conveniently. Once signed, the contracts are securely stored in the staff profiles for easy access and reference. sAdditionally, the software enables the sending of contracts via email and SMS, ensuring efficient communication and documentation. With this feature, organisations can streamline their contract management process, enhance communication with staff, and maintain comprehensive records, promoting an efficient and paperless HR management system.
  • Create loan agreements for staff
    The software facilitates the creation of loan agreements for staff, offering the convenience of accepting digital signatures. Users can set up a monthly recurring loan payment schedule that will be automatically adjusted from the staff's monthly wages. This feature streamlines the loan agreement process, ensures compliance, and automates repayment management. With this comprehensive solution, organisations can efficiently manage staff loans, simplify administrative tasks, and provide a seamless and secure borrowing experience for their employees.
  • Manage staff timesheets
    The software provides automated generation of driver and passenger assistant timesheets, offering a detailed breakdown of hours worked, payments, and allocated jobs at the end of each month. This feature simplifies timesheet management, streamlines payroll calculations, and efficiently tracks job assignments. With comprehensive timesheets, service providers can accurately monitor working hours, ensure timely payments, and effectively manage their workforce, leading to improved operational efficiency and better resource allocation.
  • Process online payments
    This feature facilitates seamless and secure online payment processing within the software platform. Users can conveniently accept payments from customers through various digital payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and online wallets. The system ensures encryption and compliance with industry standards, safeguarding sensitive payment information. Customers can easily make payments for services or products, and the system generates instant payment confirmations. With this feature, businesses can provide a smooth and reliable payment experience for their customers, streamlining financial transactions and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Provide a driver portal for communication and updates
    The software offers a dedicated driver portal for streamlined communication and updates. Drivers can access the portal to stay informed about job assignments, receive important updates, and communicate with administrators. This feature enhances communication efficiency, ensures prompt information dissemination, and facilitates seamless coordination between drivers and the service provider, leading to improved operational effectiveness and driver satisfaction.
  • Provide a workshop and mechanic portal for maintenance and repair management.
    The software includes a comprehensive workshop and mechanic portal designed to efficiently manage maintenance and repair tasks. Workshops and mechanics can access the portal to schedule and track vehicle maintenance, record repairs, and manage inventory. This feature streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring timely servicing, reducing downtime, and optimising resource utilisation. With the workshop and mechanic portal, service providers can enhance their maintenance operations, resulting in improved vehicle performance, increased efficiency, and better customer satisfaction.

School/Respite contracts

  • Manage school/respite job and contract information
    This feature allows users to efficiently handle and organise vital details related to school and respite jobs and contracts. Users can easily input, update, and manage information such as job dates, durations, locations, and specific contract terms. This feature ensures that all essential data is readily accessible, enabling effective planning, scheduling, and resource allocation for school and respite services. Additionally, it facilitates streamlined communication with schools and clients, promoting smooth and well-coordinated operations. With this comprehensive information management tool, service providers can deliver top-quality school and respite services with ease and precision.
  • Access and manage local council information
    This feature enables users to easily access and efficiently manage essential information related to local councils. Users can retrieve details such as contact information, policies, regulations, and updates from various local councils, all conveniently stored within the software platform. The feature allows for streamlined communication with local councils, facilitating quick responses to queries and ensuring compliance with regional requirements. With comprehensive local council information at their fingertips, users can make well-informed decisions and effectively navigate local regulatory processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.
School/Respite contracts

Private hire jobs

Private hire jobs
  • Manage private hire customers
    This feature allows users to effectively manage private hire customers within the software platform. Users can easily store and update customer information, including contact details, preferences, and past booking history. The system enables seamless communication with customers, providing opportunities for personalized service and efficient handling of inquiries and feedback. With this feature, users can maintain a comprehensive database of private hire customers, ensuring smooth booking processes, streamlined customer interactions, and improved customer satisfaction. Efficient private hire customer management enhances the overall experience, fostering customer loyalty and facilitating repeat business.
  • Manage private hire jobs for taxis, minibuses, and coaches
    This feature enables efficient management of private hire jobs for taxis, minibuses, and coaches within the software platform. Users can effortlessly schedule and assign bookings to the respective vehicle types, considering their availability and capacity. The system allows for easy tracking of job status, driver assignments, and trip details, streamlining communication between customers, drivers, and administrators. Users can also store specific job preferences and requirements to provide tailored services for different vehicle types. With this comprehensive private hire job management feature, service providers can optimise resource allocation, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional private hire services to their customers.

Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle Details
    This feature enables you to store and efficiently manage all the necessary information related to your vehicles, ensuring convenient access and organisation.
  • Mandatory Document Storage
    Safely store essential documents, such as MOT, Compliance, Road Tax, Insurance, LEZ, and Tacho Calibration records, within the system.
  • Document Expiry Notifications
    Receive timely email alerts, 30 days, 15 days, and 7 days prior to the expiry of mandatory documents, helping you stay on top of renewals and compliance.
  • Council Certificates
    Utilise this functionality to store and monitor Council Certificates issued for vehicles, receiving notifications when they approach expiration.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records
    Keep track of vehicle maintenance, inspections, checks, and faults, allowing for proactive management and improved safety.
  • Service History
    Maintain a comprehensive service history for each vehicle, ensuring a detailed record of past maintenance and repairs for future reference.
  • Tail Lift Management
    Easily track which tail lift is assigned to each vehicle, enhancing logistics and operational efficiency.
  • Operating Disc Management
    Record the operating disc assigned to each vehicle, ensuring compliance and easy identification.
  • Vehicle Datebook
    Access a convenient calendar view of upcoming vehicle services, including essential tasks like the Uttlesford Vehicle - Taxi Test required every 6 months. This feature enables better scheduling and planning for your fleet's maintenance needs.
Vehicle Management