A Comprehensive Software Platform for Independent Higher Education Institutions

iCollege is a comprehensive software platform designed to meet the needs of independent higher education institutions. It is an innovative tool that streamlines the daily operations of an academic environment, enabling efficient management of admissions and registration, finance, faculty, business development and agent recruitment.

With iCollege, academic institutions can effectively manage their administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on the delivery of high-quality education to their students. The platform offers a range of features, including student management, financial management, faculty management, and agent management, all of which are essential to the smooth running of a higher education institution.

One of the most significant benefits of iCollege is its ability to manage student information effectively. The platform streamlines the admissions process, enabling institutions to quickly and easily process applications and enroll new students. Once enrolled, students can be managed and tracked through the platform, making it easy for administrators to monitor their academic progress, attendance, and other essential details. This helps institutions to better understand the needs of their students and provide them with the support they require.

The features listed below are only a few of iCollege's offerings, and there are more to explore.

Admission management

Admission management
  • Direct student application
    Allows potential students to apply directly through the website.
  • Agent portal
    Enables local and international agents to submit new applications and track the progress of those applications.
  • Communication via email and SMS
    Allows for easy communication between agents, students, and administrators through email and SMS.
  • Admin portal
    Enables administrators to process new applications and manage student information.
  • Offer of acceptance letter
    Provides the ability to print and send offer of acceptance letters by email to students who have been accepted.
  • Enrollment letter
    Allows administrators to print and send enrollment letters to students who have enrolled in the program.
  • Induction class invitation
    Enables administrators to invite new students to induction classes, providing a smooth transition into the program.

Student management

  • Enrollment History
    Keep track of all enrollment information with awarding bodies to ensure accurate and up-to-date records of student achievements and progress.
  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
    Create an ILP for each student for every academic session to outline their learning goals and objectives. This will help students stay on track and ensure that they are making progress towards their academic goals.
  • Result Storage
    Store and manage student results in a secure and organized manner for easy access by teachers, administrators, and students themselves. This will help ensure that student progress is accurately tracked and recorded.
  • SMS Communication
    Enable SMS communication between teachers, administrators, and students, and record all communications in the student's profile. This will help ensure that everyone is informed and up-to-date on any important information.
  • Note and Comment
    Allow teachers and administrators to add notes and comments to the student's profile to help track their progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Warning Letters
    Enable the issuing of warning letters to students who are not attending classes regularly, encouraging them to improve their attendance and stay on track with their learning.
  • Student Finance and Credit Control
    Record and track the history of SLC grants against the student's profile to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate funding and support.
  • Progress Tracking
    Provide tools for tracking student progress and identifying areas where additional support may be needed. This will help ensure that each student is given the resources and support they need to succeed.
Student management

Academic data management

Academic data management
  • Academic Session Management
    Easily manage academic sessions within the platform.
  • Course Offering
    Offer a wide variety of courses to students.
  • Timetable Creation
    Create and manage course schedules with ease.
  • Course Enrollment
    Assign teachers and students to specific courses.
  • Application CAP
    Set limits on the number of new applications to manage enrollment.
  • Result Publishing
    Set and manage dates for publishing course results.
  • Partner/Awarding Body Management
    Add, edit, and manage partnerships and awarding bodies within the platform.
  • Campus Management
    Add and manage multiple campus locations.
  • Teacher Management
    Add and manage teachers, assign them to courses, and monitor their progress.
  • Agent Management
    Add and manage agents who assist with student enrollment and communication.

Faculty Portal

  • Faculty Portal
    A separate portal for faculties to access specific tools and features.
  • Attendance Management
    Faculties can upload attendance records for assigned courses within the portal.
  • Lecture Notes
    Faculties can upload course lecture notes against their assigned courses for student access.
  • Student Attendance Record
    Faculties can view and manage student attendance records within the portal, ensuring accurate tracking of student attendance.
Faculty Portal

Student Portal

Student Portal
  • Student Portal
    A separate portal for students to access specific tools and features.
  • Personalised Student Data
    Students can view their academic data, including attendance records, within the portal.
  • Lecture Notes Download
    Students can download course lecture notes for their assigned courses.
  • Letter Request Submission
    Students can submit letter requests to the relevant department through the portal.
  • Holiday Request Submission
    Students can request for holidays through the portal and receive confirmation of approval.
  • Mitigating Circumstances Submission
    Students can submit mitigating circumstances related to their academic performance through the portal.

Agent portal

  • Student Application Submission
    Agents can submit new student applications and upload the required admission documents through the portal.
  • Application Progress Tracking
    Agents can track the progress of the application within the portal, including any updates or requests for additional information.
  • Two-Way Communication
    Agents can communicate with the admission team through the portal, allowing for quick and efficient communication.
  • Commission Tracking
    Agents can view the commission allocated for the application within the portal, ensuring transparency and accurate tracking of commissions.
Agent portal

Interviewer portal

Interviewer portal
  • Calendar View of Interview Schedules
    The Interviewer Portal provides an intuitive and user-friendly calendar view that allows interviewers to access and manage their scheduled interviews efficiently. With an organised and visual display of interview dates and times, interviewers can easily plan their availability and coordinate with candidates.
  • Book Interview
    Interviewers can seamlessly schedule new interviews through the Interviewer Portal. By inputting relevant details, such as candidate information and interview type, interviewers can effortlessly set up interview sessions while avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Upload Interview Result along with Attachments
    After conducting interviews, interviewers can directly upload and store the interview results on the platform. This feature enables interviewers to provide comprehensive feedback and assessments of candidates, ensuring a centralised and accessible database for interview records.
  • List the Interviews Conducted
    The Interviewer Portal offers a comprehensive list of all interviews conducted by an interviewer. Interviewers can quickly access previous interview details, including candidate names, dates, and evaluation scores, streamlining the reviewing and comparison of interview performances.
  • Amend Interview Results
    In the event of any necessary changes or updates to interview evaluations, the Interviewer Portal allows interviewers to amend interview results. This feature ensures that accurate and up-to-date feedback is maintained, promoting effective decision-making during the hiring process.